Sunday, August 13, 2006


I pause midway in the in the whirl,
Of deadlines, things undone,
And averaged the sadness and joys -
There remains only loneliness,
Of which I see no cure,
No bitter palliatives, no anodyne.

We remain in life’s journey,
Like loners sitting depressed,
On solitary park benches, or,
Staring at people from balconies,
Loneliness gnawing at our minds,
As hungry ants at a grain of food.

Often in life’s vicious lanes,
In lonesome moments,
It’s our failures we ponder,
Not the joys and victories; both,
We have given and earned;
Not others’ courage, but faults.

When in each passing lonely moment,
I count the millions of seconds,
I was alive to witness this world, and,
Mimetic thoughts that pass into eternity,
My loneliness vanishes, I shout,
“I live; I am alive this lonely moment.”
(c) John, August 2006
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gautami tripathy said...

Loneliness is a state of mind. One can feel lonely even in a midst of a great conversation.

At the end of the day, we are all alone.

Pramod Mathew said...

"lonliness is not the state of being alone. It is the inability to love or be loved"

Obaid. said...

"solitude" is a state.
"loneliness" is a desire experienced in the state of "solitude".
Solitude without loneliness is 'powerful', and solitude with loneliness is... just human.

Alok Tiwary said...

Just to share something on these lines...