Monday, November 20, 2006

Mack English

Mack English is spoken
Though at times it’s broken
In Bombay and in Girgaon,
In Goa and in the Konkan.

Grammar we know none,
Speaking Mack is fun.
We talk like dis only
For we are like dis only.

Father forgive, don't hate;
Mass and confession can wait,
It's feni and fish we crave
Before the call of the grave.

Johnny play the bongo,
Michael sing the Fado[1],
Together we will dance,
And Rosy and Reena we will romance.

[1] Fado, a Portuguese song


Plus Ultra said...

Reminds me that in Malaysia we speak Malaysian-English, which is "broken " "your poem so nice-leh,terimah kaseh, I enjoy your poems, also like youg blog la!"...can I put you on my links, please reply to my blog if possibe, thanks and have a creative day on your pc

gautami tripathy said...

Try speaking the punglish!

Pragya said...

This was a lot of fun to read John!


John said...


Plus ultra thanks. I have replied to your blog.

Gautami thanks! Punglish is another variation. Only I don't know any.

Pragya, thanks. Glad you had fun!


suniti said...

I like :)

John said...

hi Pragya,

Glad you liked it.