Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Song of the Janadesh Marchers

For our lands we walk this Marathon,
While you run your Marathons for fun,
We live in a country without water,
You flush it daily down the gutter.

We saw it on the elder’s television,
The run of people wearing clothes of fashion,
A splash of colour with stars and celebrities;
While our tatters tried to hide our realities.

We are poor, but on our honour we pride,
We wore dirty clothes; our shame we him;
But our heads were high, as we marched,
For our lands, which were from us wrenched.

Your branded shoes can buy us month’s ration,
Send children to school and buy some potion.
Yet, you say your needs are unsatisfied -
What about ours? Aren’t our needs justified?

When storms, floods, droughts devastate,
You sit in comfort and pontificate:
Oh! So much foreign direct investment,
The economy’s growth is great achievement.

We have only one thing to beseech, pray,
Leave our fallow lands alone for us, we say:
While you run Marathons on Lutyen’s properties,
Leave us our huts to shelter us from calamities.

[1] The Janadesh marchers walked 400 kilometers to Delhi to demand land rights when Delhi was holding a half Marathon. This poem is written for them, as the picture they made, marching in the hot sun, contrasted with that of the Marathoners on television.