Wednesday, February 06, 2008

If I Die....

If I die, will you mourn;
When I finally fall, will you scorn?
Will this world be a lonely space;
When I am in my final resting place?

Will my glorious words remain;
A forgotten song’s sweet refrain?
Or, will they be callously consigned;
To the earthen mound heaped?

I have written what I have written;
Thinking my words not misshapen;
But if this world doesn’t accept;
It’s their loss, promise un-kept.

Fame and glory weren’t mine;
Too long have I lived in others’ shine
Extremely humble to strike out,
Badger, cajole, grovel, or shout.

When the scent of lilies fade;
Will a tear down your cheek slide?
In the sunset of my life;
Will my goodness be remembered, my wife?


Priyanka Khot said...

Hi John,

Thanks for dropping by and posting a comment :-)

I loved the poem. I believe it is raises questions closest to everyone's heart and questions that we all wish to ask our partners once in a while... hope your wife's answer satisfied your curiosity.


Anonymous said...

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Rajiv said...

Hi John
I enjoyed this poem. I liked the first two verse.
The next two seems to change gear, and become subjective (I me, my shit life and so forth is something I avoid)
Then the last verse almost gets me back to the first two.

Great poem

John said...

Hi Rajiv,

thanks for appreciating. I will take a fresh look at it.



Anonymous said...


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