Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Slum-dweller

Curled inside a concrete pipe
Under the bridge
They had lived
Their hearts thudding against ribs,
As each trained clattered
And faded into distance.

Where they slept once
There’s now shredded concrete:
Naked bricks and rubble,
Chewed by mighty machines
Of the city fathers
Who said, “Of outsiders we must be free,
To build roads and Metros.”

The children, they cried
And cried to sleep
Till their throats were hoarse
And tongues dry, parched
Their hunger insatiate
From food foraged in garbage.

They were awaiting a peaceful tomorrow,
When today’s hubbub didn’t end
And the dream of a future
Faded before their eyes
The place they sqatted and shat
Became the swimming pool of a tower
The open place they went to fuck, a car park.

Together they journeyed
To a piece of sodden land
By the nullah in which floated scum and plastic
To a new life
A new beginning,
A new place to defecate
A new place to procreate.


Pramod Kumar Kush ''tanha" said...

They were awaiting tomorrow,
But today’s hubbub never ended,
And the dream of a tomorrow,
Faded before their eyes.

- Great writing for great fighters in real life...I wish u great satisfaction ...and...
thanks for visiting my blog too.

John said...

HI Pramod,

Thanks for visiting my page. And thanks for the comments too.



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