Sunday, September 25, 2011

Wounds That Do Not Heal

The doctor said you are nearly diabetic,

It is a condition that’s genetic,

Beware of wounds that do not heal,

Avoid spices and sugar in every meal.

My wounds are deeper, doctor dear

All you see are scars up here

Life has taught me wounds heal faster,

If you make forgiving a little easier.

I have travelled this continent far and wide,

Touched its boundaries on every side,

Shared spirits with men and women,

Told them of wounds and sins forgiven.

But, doctor the wounds that don’t heal are,

Wounds of juvenile dreams gone sour,

Look how they insult experience and age,

As if they would never see dotage!


prita said...

very true sir wounds of juvenile
are wounds that wouldnt heal in a whole life.

John Mathew said...

Thanks Prita for commenting.