Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Skin-Whitening Cream and Soaps

All you white-skinned men and women
Showing off on the television’s tinsel domain
Makes me wonder if a black man or woman
Has a place in this land of dark God Neelkantan.

I shake my head and in I groan in pain
God! What have I done to deserve this bane?
You created this land of dark people and Gods
And dipped them in tubs of skin-whitening suds.

Now all I see are dark faces white-washed
Hair as if streaked with rays of golden sunlight
Creams that promise white skin in a week
With which you can marry a stud, not a geek.

Girl on television you may be a big star
But beneath the discolored skin you are hiding a scar
The way God created you is on hold
With skin-whitening creams you have been sold.

Yes, they say the cream sells more than aerated drinks
Thirst is nothing so far as you don’t look like Michael Spinks
Armed with cream and umbrella you must march
Down the ramp to celebrate the Ides of March.

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Mairaj said...

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