Thursday, December 11, 2014


I can smile when I am in pain
I can’t laugh; not even feign
Pain is a temporary feeling,
It’s nothing but a transitioning,
From a mental state of stasis
To one of instant catharsis.

What’s a lover’s pain?
But a feeling someone can’t contain.
Pain is eternal, it has no limit
I can’t ever recall being without it
When I was an errant fool in school
Even in my flighty youth trying to be cool.

Pain devastates, leaves our life in shambles
As I grow old and as my defence crumbles
I wonder, “Was there a day that went by,
Without the pain that we endure nightly
Be it in a hospital’s operating table
Or, in pursuit of this literary dream, so noble?”

I can smile when I am in pain
But I can’t laugh; not even feign.

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