Tuesday, January 06, 2015

The Pariah Dog

The Pariah Dog

I don’t want to be your pariah dog
Or, for that matter, your sacrificial hog.

All I want from you is some respect
Of a clean grown-up kind and aspect.

No, I don’t want your stale bread crumbs
One of the many you cast to your chums.

No, I can’t go everywhere to please you
Late nights, award nights, party nights, too.

I want to be a free bird not a pariah
I want you to know that, now, yes suh!

If you don’t want me around just say so
I will only be too glad to disappear, to go.

I don’t want to be your pariah dog
No, it won’t look good on my daily blog.

(A song in Soul, Rhythm, and Blues (SR&B) Style)


Indra said...

This is a terrible poem. Yet one can understand and sympathesize with the author.

John Mathew said...

Indra, what makes you say that?

Indra said...

I don't remember writing that, so I couldn't tell you why. It bears my picture but is odd in that I know how to spell sympathise and I never spell it with a z. I also regard it as bad manners to be negative about someone else's work, so let me apologise.

Someone once said of one of my books "whoever wrote this should have a stone hung round his neck and be drowned in a pond."

John Mathew said...

Indra, that's okay. You know, we have met at Kitab festival in Bombay, don't know if you recollect. Yes it could have been a virus or something. I am a big fan of your writing and especially liked Animal's People and have given it as a gift to many of my friends on their birthdays.

How are you? What are you working on now, if I am not being inquisitive?