Thursday, June 18, 2015


So, you are a Facebook celebrity

Posting selfies with lips sweet and pouty;
By stony emoticon you show your emotion
Yet, we know your smile is put on, an ornamentation.

You have been to Amsterdam, London, and Paris
Your pictures are posters of nature and bliss;
Your man is rich, your home is luxurious
He is an obedient fool, so are your curs.

Whimsical, you add and delete without mercy
Anyone who upsets you will have no clemency;
You “like” a lot of good things, I guess
Your comments are generous, sans much fuss.

You support causes, share things, sign petition
Without a moment of doubt or hesitation;
Your friends love you, though, be careful
A pervert hides behind those masks beautiful.

Your poems are succinct, essays are dull
But your comments sections are always full;
Indeed, you are a Facebook celebrity
We endorse, you can say that with all sincerity.


sachin gupta said...

Enjoy my latest poetry "Thanks" poem:

John Mathew said...

okay i will have a look.