Wednesday, July 22, 2015


The heart that’s on Pluto isn’t benign
It’s a torn and bitter heart, full of regrets
It’s a heart that yearned for something
All of which came to nothing.

When the solar system was born
Pluto wanted to be near the sun
It wanted to be the red hot planet, Venus
Was denied and then slunk to a corner.

Pluto was the original Venus
The planet of love and beauty
But Venus’ jealousy won the day
Pluto was cast away, broken-hearted.

The Planets laughed at Pluto's misfortune
Their laughter was a galactic scream
They rejoiced in its abject misery
As if a hypocrite has been unmasked, shamed.

More insults came when it was downgraded
And called a piece of rock, not a planet
Pluto wept tears; didn’t say a word
Its tears had turned to ice in a far orbit.

Now they say Pluto is like the earth
It knows what it is to love and forsake
In its tender heart is a fiery wound
Never to heal, no, not even with cosmic love.

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