Saturday, August 29, 2015

A Failed Writer’s Anatomy

Your brain is a jumble of unwritten words
Your head is as bald as the Avonian bard’s
Your teeth are chipped, those that exist are sallow
Your eyes are jaundiced and are turning yellow.

Too many hours have you spent reading
Other’s words that you have tried correcting.
Your hands are calloused from too much writing
Your skin is like parchment with no sunning.

Sitting too many hours has added to your girth
I say you must stand up and write, forthwith.
Your heart’s irregular, yes, you can feel its beat
You can sense it to be your greatest defeat.

Your stomach bulges with excessive beer
Will it hold? You live in constant fear
Your chest has sunk into your rib cage
Your collar bones fight a losing scrimmage.

Your phallus droops like a lifeless exclamation
Your balls have run dry from too much fornication
Your legs are weak you can’t stand straight
They can’t bear your body’s hulking weight.

It’s only fair that you abandon your writing
Take up copy writing or letter drafting
Or, be a critic who wantonly demolishes books

And, the tender egos of those pompous crooks.

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