Monday, October 05, 2015


You walk on heels to the crowded mall
On the tiles you trip and fall
On your orange rain shoes light
And blue jeans oh! So tight
You back pack gets soaking wet
You swing it sideways to your breast
Your hair gets wet and matted
You aren’t aware of guys besotted
You furl your wet green umbrella
What’re you staring at old fella?
Then you trip and stumble again
In a puddle created by the rain.

You are a girl just out of school
Here to date that awkward young fool
Maybe he is not the boy for you
You should go find someone new
Perhaps he’s not worth your while
Nor is he of your station and style
Does he hurt you and black mail?
Does he tease, cajole, and rail?

I follow you to the crappy food court
In a sea of plastic; see him, wasted sort
His hair like uncut grass standing
P’haps needs soap and scrubbing
Skeletal looks, pants slipping down
Arrogance on face and on brows a frown
In which social network did you find this ape?
Looks like he does molest and rape.

Well, he is not your type, so let him go
Why do you hang on to these types, so?
Then I see you stumble, one last time
Here’s my opinion, ask for it anytime
Don’t end up a junkie ‘cos of your choice
He is not worth it, just take my advice.

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